The Team

We as a Team have a mandate to preserve a very important resources we can’t live without daily called water, as WHC which stands for Water Hygiene Convenience do realize that not every household in South Africa has the privilege of clean water or tap water and understand that water scarcity is still an issue in some areas. Thus we aim to save Water so as to make the wasted water to benefit South Africans who are still not getting this resources due to wasted water by those who have access to it either through ignorance of knowing how to save water or not knowing that water is not plenty for all as we think. So we aim to come up with Green Innovations to resolve water problems and other environmental issues that add to pollution and other wasting of important resources in life and to life like water and other earth resources that contribute to our livelihood and ecosystem as a whole. Thus we also call ourselves Wagienience which abbreviation

Paseka Lesolang - The Founder & Managing Director

Paseka Lesolang – The Founder & Managing Director