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NandaManzi Premium Spring Water

NandaManzi Premium Spring Water

Bottled water business in South Africa

From 1990 to 2005 the amount of bottled water that South Africans drank more than tripled to 7.5 billion gallons* and became the second most popular beverage in Africa. And why not? High quality natural spring water and drinking water offer a healthy, refreshing and great-tasting alternative to high-calorie soft drinks and ordinary tap water. Bottled water is convenient and able to meet the requirements of any lifestyle and hydration need. It’s a fantastic product, with a strong sense of environmental awareness and corporate responsibility

Source Management

From efficient water usage to astounding packaging, NandaManzi supports the environmental protection and works hard to protect related natural resources.

Our Environmental Commitment

It’s good for business. More important, it’s good for everyone. We’re nurturing and protecting the sources of our natural, great-tasting spring water.

WHY NandaManzi?

[A.] Our water is as unique as its name; “NandaManzi” says it all, derived from local slang meaning Delicious Water. [B.] Spring water contains natural minerals and nutrients often healthy and sufficient for human consumption. [C.] We can also print directly onto the bottles which reduces the production of plastic wrappers for labelling and thus contributes to our environments well being. [D.] We can brand the bottles according to the clients request and desire. [E.] Our product is registered with the Consumer Council. [F.] Unlike most bottled “Spring water” or “Mineral Water”; the contents in the bottled water are nature’s goodness, healthy as is (inclusive of the hygiene regulations) and not tampered with to fit the definition of Spring Water. [G.] If you’re looking for a new and innovative way to advertise your business, It is here. NandaManzi will work hard to make sure your water says more about you.



Premium Spring Water {NandaManzi}    Water Bottle Branding
Provision for 270ml 330ml, 500ml, 1.5ml, 5 litre and 20 litre dispensers containers    Delivery
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