About Us


Our focus is to introduce innovative solutions and services to sustain the Green economy.


Our mission is to be a leading green company through preserving our natural resources.


– Our mission is to be a leading green company through preserving our natural resources.- Humility (We believe that one should never increase in knowledge until you also increase in humility. The more in knowledge you increase, the more humility you should have.)

– Environmentalism (Environmentalism opposes reckless innovation and makes conservation the central order of business)

– Quality (We have an obligation to deliver products and services of outstanding quality)

– Making a difference (whilst striving to make a difference within communities at large, we hope to inspire the youth to contribute to socio cultural environment)


WHC was founded in 2007, and trades as WHC and we are registered as Wagienience (Pty) Ltd, which is derived from Water, Hygiene and Convenience.

Water represents our substance focus, Hygiene represents the Green Economy we serve, Convenience represents the innovative solutions and services to sustain our environment.

The Company was established by Paseka Lesolang at the age of 18, with the intention to solve socio economic problems that would eventually save water, sustain the socio cultural environment and contribute to communities at large. Initial inventions and operations were in the garage of his grandparents house in Ga-Rankuwa, a township in Pretoria.

It was upon interest in innovative solutions and also the opportunities that the market presented regarding water scarcity that the company was formed.

Water is a precious commodity in most, if not all countries and most countries’ fresh water reserves are diminishing due to the effects of climate change, rapid population growth, economic growth, inadequate infrastructure and inefficient use of water.