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WHC’s innovation is a control mechanism that prevents 70% of the water loss in toilets due to toilet leaks, when the toilet is not in use. This is proportional to the money saved as well…read more


Premium Spring Water

Our “Branded” water is a great way to advertise your business, show customer appreciation, promote special products, etc…read more


WHC in association with GKB Group provides professional consulting engineering expertise…read more

Business Model

We market directly to the customers who are in a position to purchase our products in bulk in order to achieve the desired skills development, job creation and water saving impact. This is done best through CSI projects as indicated by the below images. Read more on SASOL’s successful execution of such a CSI project


Our Midterm Goal is to achieve at least 7% {70000 units}, through the installation of our Leak-Less Toilets into the already constructed Low Cost Houses. By the end of 2016 over 400000 Low Cost Houses had been built. Considering that a leaking toilet can waste up to 700 litres of water a day, the installation of a Leak-Less Toilet, will detect leaks and ensure that approximately 500 litres of water is saved per day. Thus, the amount of envisaged water that would be saved every year to this extent will be equivalent to 12.6 billion litres [70000 units x 500L x 30 days x 12 months] = 4200 Olympic swimming pools.

Our Midterm goal is inspired by the award winning Boloka Metsi Project that was pioneered by SASOL and associated entities. Whereby 100 000 toilets were repaired with other water faucet leading to over ~3 million kiloliters of water saved per month to the value of ~R18 million. This case study is our blueprint to related projects. Click here to read more about this case study.



The company was founded in 2007 and trades as WHC which is derived from our initial product’s main aspect focus being Water, Hygiene and Convenience. Water represents our substance focus, Hygiene represents the Green Economy we serve and Convenience represents the innovative products and services we provide to that regard. We call this Wagienience; derived from the three words. Hence, the registered company name in South Africa is Wagienience (Pty) Ltd

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